Metal Wall Clock With Multicolored Circles

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Multicolour Modern Metal Wall Clock

It's a perfect contemporary statement piece with a modern feel

Stylish addition to your home with its metal frame and gentle pastel numerals.  A truly complementary piece for a well-designed living room, hallway or kitchen.

With large, easy to read numbers in pastel colours and Roman Numerals at the marker points you have a clock for your wall that gives a playful, modern and beautiful twist on the classic wall clock.

This will make a striking accent to your wall decor. This clock will easily fit into both modern and traditional style interiors. 

Modern Metal Wall Clock is made from iron, painted black, gold or white, and comes with coloured numerals.

Perfect for a kitchen, stylish sitting room, office or bedroom


Wall clock size: 40x40cm / 50x50cm / 60x60cm

Power: Battery ( not including )

Material: Metal

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