Clear Book Flower Vase

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Organize your flowers in style with the Clear Book Flower Vase. With an innovative design, it gives you the perfect way to show off your favorite flower arrangements.

Its sleek clear acrylic construction ensures optimal clarity and maximum durability.It is made of acrylic with a thickness of 0.11inch, which is lighter in material, but safer and not fragile. It can be filled with lucky bamboo,peonies,tulips, roses, orchids, pearls, gems, pebbles, branches, vase fillings, etc.

The unique design features an opening that looks like a book, creating a modern yet subtle statement piece for any room.And it It can be perfectly integrated with the books on your shelves!

Size is L5.90*W7.87*H1.57inch

It is undoubtedly a modern creative work with great artistic and cultural flavor.Add a modern touch to your home with the Clear Book Flower Vase.

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