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Carry your data in style with the USB  Flash Drive which can back up every file and allow you to transform data between different devices.

Our USB memory stick keeps your documents, music, video and photos safe and secure while allowing you to carry them with you at all times.

It has all the space you need to store and share tunes, pictures and home videos - or your presentations and spreadsheets - whenever you want.

Compact, light design makes it easy to carry round.So simple to use, you can be up and running in seconds.

This pocket-size flash drive includes 4 USB ports that support different uses for Android, iOS, and PC data transfer and storage.

Easily manage files on your device with the app, it allows you to view, access, and back up all the files.

Save your time: Up to 90MB/S read and 30MB/S write speeds.


NOTE: This flash drive is for the Micro USB port, the Type-C version Android phones will need a Type-C to USB adaptor.

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