Window Cleaning Sponge Brush

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Dual-purpose cleaning ,scraping and washing brush for effective cleaning experience.

Cleaning Wiper Sponge Brush  can be used for both cleaning and scrubbing.

Convenient to Use: Double-sided brush on the head is easy to brush, both ends can clean; saving time and effort, and convenient for you to use.

Efficient and Environmentally Friendly: The cleaning sponge compartment locks the detergent, long-lasting cleaning with rich foam, easy to remove stains.

Soft rubber blade with non-woven netted sponge.

Easily remove stains from window screens, car windshields, bathtubs and tiles, and scrape the water.

With a hanging hole for convenient storage and quick drying.


  • Color: Yellow, blue, green

  • Size: 19*11.5*5.5cm/7.48*4.53*2.16in

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