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Keep your food fresh longer!

Incredible silicone lids that stretch and adjusts to every pot!Have an organized kitchen and replace plastic with a durable solution.The lids can cover all various shapes and sizes, including: salad bowls, glass, food, cans, cups, juice caps, pots, pans, watermelon, pineapple, melon or other fruits and vegetables.

  • NO MORE CLING FILM - Our reusable silicone lids use food grade silicone instead of cling film to seal and store food. It is reusable and safe, and reduces the generation of household plastic waste. 

  • MULTIPLE SIZES - Stretchy lids come in 6 sizes-5cm, 9. 5cm, 11. 5cm, 14. 5cm, 16. 5cm, 21cm  and are a perfect alternative to clingfilm. Because our original stretchy food lids are make of food grade silicone , lids are soft and stretchable making it suitable for glassware, bowls, jars, food cans, watermelons, cantaloupes or other fruits and vegetables (round, square, shaped) in a variety of shapes

  • SAFER FOOD STORAGE - The silicone lids covers use of the temperature range -40 ℃ ~ +230 ℃, suitable for dishwasher, refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric oven can be used.Silicone lids food covers are malleable - not as stiff as other food lids. They fit nicely into what they are sealing, and can even stack a variety of sealed foods in the refrigerator and place another lightweight item on top without collapsing and not leaking into the dish.The clips provide a perfect seal space. Enjoy life.

  • HEATHLY AND EASY TO CLEAN - Non-toxic, harmless, no smell. After use, stretch silicone lids and food clips can be washed with water and reused after high temperature sterilization. And the food covers are transparent and the color is clear, making food lids easy to see what's inside. The food clip is 11CM long, They can work on chips bags, coffee bags, pasta bags, vegetable bags, salad bags, candy, and herbs/spices, etc.

Don't hesitate, joinning us in environmental protection. It is time to say goodbye to cling film!!

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Certification: CIQ

Cookware Parts Type: Lids


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