Portable Bag Sealer

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Ideal gadget for keeping your food fresh for longer!

The mini bag heat sealer helps you storage leftover chips, snacks, fruits,leftovers and so on. You'll avoid wasting your food and will keep it fresh and dry for longer!

Save on storage bags and re-use your original bags.

Could be used for variety of plastics bags, such as snack bags, foil bags, chip bags, and PVC material. The gadget is not suitable for these bags: paper bag, craft paper bag, pure aluminum bags or oily extra thick bags.


  1. Insert 2 AA Batteries (Batteries Not Included)
  2. Unlock Safety/Protective Cap to Down Position
  3. Press Down on Sealer to Preheat 5-7 Seconds
  4. Flatten Out Surface of Desired Bag to be Sealed
  5. Apply Sealer to Bag and Firmly Press Down
  6. While Pressing Down, Move Moderately from One End to Another
  7. Move Protective Cap Back to Up Position


      • Material: ABS
      • Color: Random
      • Size: 10cm x 3.7cm x 4.5cm
      • Battery:1.5V , 2 AA Batteries, use only alkaline. (Not included!)

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