Self Adhesive Protective Film

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This Self Adhesive Protective Film provides reliable protection against damage to surfaces caused by dirt, scratches and abrasion.It offers superior protection for surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic,wood and more. 

The strong adhesive allows for a secure bond, while its excellent flexibility enables the film to be applied to many different surfaces.Its self-adhesive design ensures easy installation and removal without worrying about residue or damage to the underlying surface.

Multi purpose use: ideal for protecting your countertops,tiles,furniture,walls and more.

This waterproof material is easy to clean and adheres quickly to surfaces to ensure reliable protection.

Made from durable materials, this film ensures lasting protection against damage from water, dirt, and more.

Easy to use:

Enjoy seamless protection with this durable, cost-effective alternative.

Sizes: 60cmx100/300/500cm

Material: PVC

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