Washable Lint and Hair Remover

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Give a new look to your clothes and fabrics with this Portable Lint and Pilling Remover! Give new life to your used clothes!


This lightweight lint roller is easy to use on your clothes,in the car and on most surfaces. Simply roll back and forth and let the super sticky lint roller capture your pet hairs, lint and dust

Reusable and easy to clean- Washable lint roller, no replacement required. Just rinse under the tap to reuse, never loses stickiness

How to use-Super sticky gel quickly and easily removes pet hair, fluff, lint and dust on clothes, carpets, rugs, car seats and furniture


High Quailty Plastic Material

Non-toxic and Odourless

Production: Lint Sticking Roller

Usage: Clothing, Carpets, Couches, Comforters etc

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