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Fridge Drain Storage Box

This versatile fridge storage box has a removable divider and drainage valve to help store food as efficiently as possible. Adjustable air vents help maintain the airflow to keep food fresher for longer, as well as keeping your fridge odourless and clean.

Whether you’re storing leftovers or cut vegetables, this plastic container will let you enjoy your food for longer.

NO MORE FORGOTTEN PRODUCE: By washing your produce before you put it away and keeping it on a shelf instead of hidden in a crisper drawer, you're more likely to eat it before nice and fresh.

FAST DRAINING: Colanders feature elongated holes for fast draining so your strawberries, cherries, blueberries, grapes, and other produce don't get moldy.

  • Berries on the bottom stay as dry and fresh as those on top.Wash, serve, and store fresh berries to have a healthy snack always ready and waiting
  • STACKABLE: Twin Colander Bin includes lid so you can stack it easily with other Kitchen Spaces organizers

  • BPA-FREE: Suitable for use in your refrigerator, pantry, or freezer. Hand wash recommended.

Size: 13.5x11x8.5cm
Size 2: 19.8x16x11.4cm
Size 3: 28x23x15cm

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