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CAN YOUR CLOSET BE LARGER? Not necessarily, but your hangers can at least be thinner; with a thickness of only 0.6 cm, these slim hangers save space in the cramped closet so you can invite some new clothes in,flexible and slim design for more space,Ultra-slim profile to maximize space in your wardrobe

  • SLIM PROFILE, GIANT POWER: Though quite thin, these hangers made of sturdy ABS plastic are powerful enough to hold up to 5 kg each; leave those heavy sweaters and winter coats to them—they can handle it

  • SLEEK FINISH: Very smooth, made of eco-friendly plastic that do not have any sharp edges to causes unwanted creases or leave marks in the shoulders of your clothes. Therefore, perfect for delicate garments.

  • Our hangers come presented in secure, great for gifting to loved ones on special occasions such as housewarmings and weddings. Suitable for skirts, Trousers, coats etc,Unisex Adult Hangers

  • PERFECT FOR DAILY USAGE: Great value everyday plastic hangers for hanging lighter clothes and garments such as Tshirts, shirts, blouses, suit, coat, sweaters, dresses, short pants, skirts etc.


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