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50pcs Disposable Piping Bag

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Disposable decorating bags are a versatile decorating tool for professional and home bakers alike, anyone who loves to get creative with baked goods will appreciate these pastry bags.

PERFECT SIZE ICING BAGS: Unlike some other piping bags our pastry bags are not only of a good size (15 inches) for various frosting jobs but also things like pancakes and mousses.

MATERIALS: durable & large disposable icing bag. Our disposable pastry bags are compatible with any model and form tips. The non-slip material of the pastries bags makes your cake decoration process with pleasure.

HOW TO USE: cake decoration bags are sturdy and hold the couplers really well. The stability also makes it easy to fill. You are able to change the pastry bag tips & ties without the bag ripping. Even though these pastry bags are disposable, you can wash and reuse them in a pinch.

Size L 37X18cm

Size S 30X16 cm

Perfect for decorating wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cookies, cupcakes, hot chocolate, holiday desserts,etc.