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Glass Apothecary Jars with Lids| Decorative Household Glass Storage

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 Spruce up bathroom countertops, mantles or dressers with these glass apothecary jars with lids. These sleek containers are a great place to hold and display your special collections and everyday beauty essentials. The decorative possibilities are endless!

Fashioned from premium quality sturdy glass and modeled elegantly in modern trumpet shape with removable lid, this pretty jar is a real treat to the eyes.

DESIGN QUALITY: Made using high-quality transparent glass material. These apothecary glass jars are perfect for all your decoration needs.They come with a tight-fitting lid so that the contents can be preserved well.

 DURABILITY: Our  apothecary glass jars are hand blown. Each jar is designed with durability in mind. Why not get this set for decorating your apartment? Tastefully decorate any space in your home or business



  • MULTIPLE USES: Can be used for decorations such as flowers, fruits, sand and seashells, and other dry decorations, or edible items such as dried pasta, grains, candy, biscuits, nuts, etc. Or add a little bit of luxury to you bathroom space by displaying mini soaps, swabs, bath salt, cotton balls, cotton buds, and other accessories.

    Material: Glass

    Style: Storage Bottles & Jars

    Type: candy jars