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Automatic hands free washing mop

Convenient storage, saves the space, does not occupy the land, reduces the bacterium multiplication.

Fits: Room, Wall, Window, Ceiling Superfine fiber mop, it has strong adsorbability.

Simply slide the lever upwards and downwards to squeeze the water and dust out easily. Also the mop can stand upright alone to save space and keep the mop head dry. Lightweight and easy to use, easily able to store in small places like a closet or under the sink.

  • Unique 360 degree rotation structure design, you can easily move to the narrow environmental and remove the corner stains.

  • Microfiber flat mop head, use advanced production technology, soft, lint-free, clean strong, scratch-resistant and prevent odor or mildew.

  • The force parts of the use is high-strength material, ensure the reliability and stability of the mop

  • Hands free, no need to change mop pads when dirty. Simply insert the mop into the rinse side of mop pad into the wash bucket to remove dirt and debris.


Material: Microfibre Fabric
Absorption: <10 seconds
Packaging: With 1 Mophead
Wringing Method: Sliding Type
Mop Rod Type: General Rod + Stainless Tray
Handle Type: Telescopic
Weight: <2kg
Pole Material: Plastic
Feature: Eco-Friendly

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