Long Handle Dust Brush

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This Long Handle Dust Brush is designed with a long handle for extended reach, and a microfiber cover that captures dust and small particles with ease. The extended handle eliminates the need to bend over while dusting, making cleaning more efficient and comfortable.

Material: microfiber is a lightweight and durable. It is also resistant to staining and highly absorbent, making it a great option for cleaning and protecting your furniture and floors.

Easy to Clean: duster head is easy to keep clean. The head is detachable, just slide the top of the microfiber from the rag core and rinse with warm water.

Easy to use: Gap dust cleaner has flat head which is flexible enough to be bent, so that it can easily reach into the gaps, corners and places where difficult to reach or can't be cleaned by normal dusters.

Perfect for cleaning the under the bed, sofa gap, air conditioner, ceiling, floor, interior decoration, sinks, bathtubs, etc.

Convenient storage: The rod has a round hole at the end that can be hung on a wall or door. Or you can separate the head and the pole into the drawer. It does not take up your space.


Name: Telescopic duster

Material: Microfiber + Plastic + Stainless Steel

Color: Gray

Full length: 125 cm

Keep your home clean with this dust brush!

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