Pet Steam Grooming Brush

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Introducing the Cat Steam Grooming Brush – a practical solution to make grooming your cat a breeze. Choose from two stylish colors to suit your preferences.

This grooming brush uses steam technology to gently tackle knots and mats, leaving your cat with a soft, shiny coat and minimizing shedding.

With the convenience of a USB cable, you can use the Cat Steam Grooming Brush anywhere, whether at home or on the go. This tool is designed for modern living, making cat grooming hassle-free and accessible.

Treat your cat to a spa-like experience without the fuss.

Upgrade your cat's grooming routine with Cat Steam Grooming Brush. It's an ordinary yet practical solution to keep your cat well-groomed and happy.

Order now and see the difference it can make in your cat's coat and your daily routine!

Handle Material: Plastic

Bristle Material: Silicone

Size (Brush): 4.5*2.9*2.4 in / 11.5*7.5*6.0 cm

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