Stackable Shoe Box Shelves

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The Stackable Shoe Box Shelves provide an easy way to store and organize your shoes.

The stackable design enables you to maximize your storage space, without sacrificing style or design.

This is a 2 row 6 layers shoe box

These shelves are sturdy and can be easily adjusted, allowing you to store up to four shoes at once.

This one is 1 row 6 layers shoe box


  • With these transparent doors, you can check your belongings easily. It is suitable for storing shoes, clothes, handicrafts, toys, blankets, toys, cables, DVDs, wallets, etc.
  • With rear air holes, this shoebox is breathable and odourless. It is also solid, durable, washable, waterproof and dust-proof

Master the art of tidying with quality storage solutions for a sense of calm.

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