Washing Machine Lint Catcher

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Keep your washing machine free of lint with this high-performance lint catcher. Its special mesh filter ensures maximum trapping efficiency, catching even the smallest fibres.

This essential tool helps reduce excess lint buildup, which can clog the filter, reduce draining efficiency and even cause breakdowns.

How it works

When the washing machine is working, the water flows carry excess thread and lints upwards and then, they will fall right into the filter nest and be trapped inside, keeping your garments hair-free after you wash your clothes. 

The mesh design is made of polyester fibers, which adds to the overall lifetime of your machine by preventing clogs. These bags can be used over and over again with little to no upkeep at all.

Easy to clean

The floating top and the filter bag can be detached after using so you can remove the debris in the bag and cleanse the filter effortlessly. 

Available in three colors, this lint remover is easy to use and can greatly improve the cleaning power of your machine.

Enjoy a lint-free laundry from now on.

Style: Purple, Blue, Pink

Size: 9.2cmx17.5cm

Qty: 1pcs

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